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  Dear Sir or Madam,

  I am senior from the Department of Business Administration of Beijing University. I am writing the letter in purpose of applying for admission into your esteemed institution/your recently advertised position for a staff member.

  I am sure that I am qualified for it. First, enclosed with this letter is my resume, which further details my previous academic qualifications and work experience. Second, not only do my qualifications and experience make me a perfect candidate for it, my cheerful personality is well suited to studying in your prestigious university/working as a staff member. Last, my hobbies include sports and music.

  Words fail me when I try to express my heartfelt gratitude to the help you rendered me. Your prompt and favorable attention to my inquiry would be highly appreciated.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming








  Dear Sir/Madam:

  How do you do!

  First of all thank you in spite of being very busy toglance through my cover letter, for a full of enthusiasm university student opens up a door to door of hope!

  I am a graduate YuGuiLin tourism college, exhibition planning and management students, to know yourpanys employing information, I with a sincere heart and to the cause of the persistent pursuit, I sincerely recommend yourself.

  During the period of school I study hard, not only in schools require finished all the general course and specialized course of study, and obtained the optimal results, at the same time, is through the self-study exam will have access to guangxi university journalism major (undergraduate) graduation certificate. In addition, the use of their spare time constantly enrich improve themselves, learn theputer basic knowledge and use, can skillfully use MicrosoftwordExcelPowerPoint and Office application software, and can better application PhotosPhotoshop7.0 and COREIDRAW for graphic processing, delphi7, 3 dmax also have basic understanding. Have a good English listening, speaking, reading and writing, and at the same time to guangdong, sichuan dialect has certain understand and master, can use its for dailymunication.

  As an exhibition planning management professional students, I know professional knowledge is the basic, the practice ability is equally important. So I strive to improve theirprehensive quality, and take an active part in all kinds of stratified style and social practice activities, and access to Pepsi nova series guangxi division third place, guilin division third place, established the campus singing contest runner-up, the first school English singer contest runner-up, etc.; 5 years to join the school baseball team, basketball team system; In China tourism trade fair to participate in volunteer work, as a leader, led the team members wellpletion during assembly a series of volunteer work.

  Many times as the main responsible for ginseng school each large party activities planning implementation, such as: in June 2006 the organization responsible for planning "China telecom smart zone guilin university tour the party - brigade only sound". At the same time, often invited to assist other college activities planning and the preparatory work, such as: 2004 guilin university of electronic science and technology, the first large love student party, won aplete success, and obtained the parties must.

  Meanwhile, in "guilin cernet advertisingpany" "guilin advertisingpany" as a part-time planning, actors, many successfulpletion of the business field publicity activities, activities clients include: mengniu dairy industry, China mobile, China unicom, nokia and a number of large enterprises. In addition in nanning huajie consultingpany as a part-time interviewer, and guilin university of electronic science and technology work-study center cooperation the successfulpletion of the - 2006 national college teaching material use condition survey (guilin university of electronic science and technology station), 2013 zte mobile phone brand awareness investigation, hafei and changan minibus after-sales service questionnaire investigation.

  After these hammer-harden, oneself have a certain amount of exhibition, enterprise publicity and marketing planning, the party celebration activities planning organization experience. In the long learning and practice process, I learned to use the power of the team; Learn from failure lesson after summing up the experience. A more profound experience only diligence is the true meaning! The past doesn mean the future! For I am persuaded that the practical work, able to be quickly adapted to the new working environment, familiar with the business, in the practical work constantly learning and improve themselves, good finish every task.

  This work based on the absoluteness and keen interest in work will, in this very eager to get yourpanys an interview! Personal resume attached, such as can receive interview notification as soon as possible, would be very grateful! Finally, I wish your esteemedpany prosperity! All staff health!


  Dear Manager:

  Hello! My name yjbys,Chongqing University Software College computer science graduates in the near graduation occasion, I heard your company is hiring software engineers this post, I am told, so I wrote a letter to this job, hoping to your company as a software engineer in this position.

  University, I read a computer professional, the direction is biased in favor of software development, the main courses are Introduction to learn software engineering, programming languages, mathematics, compiler theory, software engineering, project management, database theory, Microsoft operating systems programming courses mastered C ++, windows programming techniques, but also self-learned HTML5 language, his own to develop some APP games and applications, cloud computer technology has also been understood. So for the acquired skills, I am confident to do the job.

  As for my personality, I am a person otaku things, basically one day 14 hours at the computer, it is a normal thing. The rest of the time sleeping and eating. But I have a hobby is playing basketball, and occasionally to the sport of basketball, so although my house, but from the basketball court but also know a lot of golfers. Between people is not the problem.

  Finally, thank you, thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter to this busy schedule, hoping to get one from your company the opportunity to interview the software engineer.

  Yours sincerely








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